20:30 - 21:40 | 3 Theater am Lend | German premiere | From Dutch by Christina Bais


By Anna Carlier
€ 18,50 / € 9 (reduced)
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Whereto when the world is about to end; how to survive?
In her insomnia, a mother imagines the future of her unborn child in a world massively changed by global warming. Alongside dystopian visions ranging from escape and dispossession to selection and a life completely at the mercy of the forces of nature, our own relationship to nature is negotiated.
In a language rich in imagery, the text sketches various, very precise future scenarios for this child in a post-apocalyptic world and is at the same time carried by a tender love and a hope that the child may survive the drastic changes.
Text: Anna Carlier
Director: Sandra Schüddekopf
Stage and costumes: Lisa Horvath
Sound design: Rupert Derschmidt
Light design / visuals: Nina Ortner
Translation: Christine Bais
Choreographic advice: Marta Navaridas
With Nataya Sam
Production: Theater am Lend
Text rights by Verlag der Autoren
Sandra Schüddekopf

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