21:00 - 22:15 | 9 TaO! - Theater am Ortweinplatz | Guest performance by Kosmos Theater, Vienna


By Sivan Ben Yishai
€ 18,50 / € 9 (reduced)
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Harmony – even if we have to fake a lifetime to achieve it.
Who is this woman anyway, who has Popeye's back day after day so he can focus on his great adventures without a care in the world? In Sivan Ben Yishai's work, Olivia is a smart and successful writer who just takes a back seat so that her glamour doesn't overshadow the insignificance of her boyfriend in disguise.
In LOVE / AN ARGUMENTATIVE EXERCISE, Olivia steps out of the shadows of unimportant supporting characters and self-critically analyzes and dissects her relationship with her beautiful Sailor Boy. With powerful language and wit, she questions the ambivalence between feminist self-portrayal and the role of women in relationships. For how can being a couple work out without giving up oneself?
Director: Anna Marboe
Assistant director: Juliane Aixner
Stage and costume design: Lisa Horvath
Dramaturgy: Anna Laner
With: Anna Lena Bucher, Claudia Kainberger, Aline-Sarah Kunisch, Tamara Semzov
Translated from English by Maren Kames

Performance rights: Suhrkamp Theater Verlag Berlin
In German
Bettina Frenzel