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AN AUDIOVISUAL POEM. | By Spitzwegerich & Natascha Gangl
18,5 Euro/ reduced: 9 Euro
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"Finstergewächs" – this neologism by Paul Celan inspires the Austrian figure and object theater collective Spitzwegerich’s experimental low-tech theater par excellence: skulls rotate in vitrines, blossoms become eyes, hands emerge like clouds and disappear – surreal visual worlds glide into each other. Following a dream logic, the boundaries between human and nature are undermined. What lies in the darkness? Spitzwegerich stages a performance of noise, sound, music, text and live illustrations, which questions our primal fear of darkness and loss of control not only in terms of content, but also formally. In this artistic border crossing between the abstract and the concrete, the art forms appear individually and as allies engaged in an interplay of visibility and obscurity, the audible and the comprehensible. "Finstergewächs" is thought in transformation, a declaration of love for question marks, riddles, an exploration of the irrational and uncontrollable and an approach to a piece of hidden history.

Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the Bmkoes
Text: Natascha Gangl
Performance: Natascha Gangl, Birgit Kellner, Maja Osojnik, Manfred Engelmayr
Sound Design: Maja Osojnik & Manfred Engelmayr
Produced by Felix Huber, Christian Schlechter
Equipment & projections: Birgit Kellner, Christian Schlechter
Stage, costume, figures: Birgit Kellner & Christian Schlechter
Light & video: Felix Huber
Object construction: Felix Huber, Maxe Mackinger, Rebekah Wild & Spitzwegerich
Child care: Ursula Kellner

A cooperation with Schubert Theater Wien
In German
Apollonia Theresa Bitzan

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22:00 - 23:10 | 6 ARTist's