with texts by Tanja Šljivar and Marcus Peter Tesch
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In an anatomical theater, which has always been about the body and the finiteness of life, we get to know two plays that deal with illness and health.
In Tanja Šljivar's "Regime of Healing", the human search for meaning and the search for physical healing are intertwined. Esoteric models of thought promise salvation.
In "Patient Zero I," Marcus Peter Tesch has an exceptionally human death crash a party. In the face of death, the question arises as to who is really close to you. What do people who don't live in traditional family structures think? What carries them? Queer life models and alternative approaches become visible.

Following the staged reading, the texts become the starting point for a panel: How does medicine construct normativity? Whose healing does science care about? And: what role does language play in all this?
Text and concept: Tanja Šljivar and Marcus Peter Tesch
Regie: Branko Janack
Set design: Moïra Gilliéron
With: Verena Jost, Lukas Mundas, Nils Hohenhövel, Mareike Beykirch
"Patient Zero I" was supported through a GVL research grant as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.

Panel discussion: Flora Hutz (Aidshilfe Steiermark), Ana Jeinić (Leitung Architektur, Forum Stadtpark), Tanja Šljivar, Marcus Peter Tesch
In German