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The fact that we need to approach the state of the earth in a multifaceted way in order to find a solution is emphasized not only by representatives of the art and culture industry, but also by natural scientists, philosophers and historians. One possibility is offered by climate change literature as a bridge between literature, the natural sciences and the real living space. Young authors from Graz have taken on this task and written German and English texts on the topic in a workshop:
Living conditions under a glass dome, motherhood in our time and fates caused by floods or high tides were addressed as well as the dream of a city made of plants, the microcosm of a raised bed and the emotional world of a bee meadow. The sensationalism of the Western world about seemingly distant catastrophes, the double standards of politicians in crisis and the conflict between generations are also the result, which will be presented as part of a climate walk through Graz.

Starting point: Heimatsaal
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Concept: Lisa Schantl (Tint journal) & Lisa Höllebauer (wir sind lesenswert)
First presentation: Climate-Culture-Pavilion 2021
Authors: Bianca Antonia Cosar, Andrea Färber, Anna Hengstberger, Maria Leitgab, Susmita Paul, Frederick Reinprecht, Antonia Reissner, Nadia Rungger, Katharina Sieghartsleitner, Sandra Tanzmeister
Val Smets, "Shall I swim out further", 2021