16:00 - | 1 Festival Centre Heimatsaal | Opening


Talking about female freedom in the face of war in Europe? At a time when patriarchs are once again determining world peace, it is important not to lose sight of misogynistic aggression, violence and the stereotypical backlash of gender, and to talk about it.
The imbalance of female existence is reflected in the historical settings in public space. These are reflected and commented in the performance IN HER* WORDS, an artistic intervention in the Graz Stadtpark and a participatory performance in the festival center.
A memorial for all the acts of people who define themselves as women* and want to be read as such. To be there anyway, despite ongoing assaults! To live anyway, to walk through the park at night anyway, to walk through the world and to co-determine it!

With Andrea Fischer, Dagmar Rauwald, Ute Rauwald, Harald Kainer, and others
Sound & Composition: Sanziana Dobrovicescu
An installation by forced theater in public space
Dagmar Rauwald