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Almost every* woman* has experienced a catcall at some point in her life. A catcall is an inappropriate, sexually charged comment and verbal sexual harassment that usually happens in public spaces. More specifically, sexual harassment affects 2/3 of all women* and 7.6% of all men* in Austria. Sarah Kampitsch, Anna Majcan and Stefanie Rauch have made it their goal with their association "Catcalls of Graz" to make such incidents visible and to set a sign against sexual harassment. Through an acting production of catcalls in public space, the playwrights' festival aims to draw attention to how power relationships are exploited and dominant behavior is practiced.

Drama: Katrin Brehm
Conzept: Anna Majcan, Sarah Kampitsch
Organisation: Lisa Höllebauer, Maria Leitgab
An acting production of catcalls in public space