18:00 - 19:10 | 2 Schauspielhaus Graz HAUS ZWEI | World premiere, Schauspielhaus Graz

what ignites, what burns

Magdalena Schrefel
€ 18,50 / € 9 (red.)
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The play is the fruit of a cooperation with European Theatre Convention’s project Pipelines, in which five writers bring perspectives from five different participating countries to develop plays about the drama of fossil fuel. The Kleist-Förderpreise winner Magdalena Schrefel represented Austria and created a theatrical road movie following the Adria-Wien Pipeline. It shows the journey of the two heroines across Austria and the endlessly vast
Internet, describing their encounters with climate activists and various eccentric figures from the fossil fuel era and their radicalization: how do you bring down a pipeline with storytelling?
Direction Marie Bues
With Lisa Birke Balzer, Katrija Lehmann, Nico Link, Lukas Walcher
Set & Costumes Pia Maria Mackert
Video Grigory Shklyar
Music Johannes Frick
Dramaturgy Franziska Betz
in German (with English surtitles)
what ignites,
                                          what burns
Lex Karelly