Stefanie Sargnagel & Euroteuro: Dense

€ 18,50 / € 9 (red.)
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"Dense" portrays the flip side of Vienna, a sordid world of taverns, psychiatric wards, and rundown dumps, populated for the most part by excessively lovable anti-heroes. With a musical accompaniment by Euroteuro, Stefanie Sargnagel will read from her "Notes of an Idler" and blow up all boundaries between genres.
Stefanie Sargnagel is known for her radically subjective writing, the collective Euroteuro for its dadaistic style. The musical collective, centered around the songwriter and performer Peter T., has composed music for Stefanie Sargnagel’s play "At the Edge of a Meadow" in the past.
in German
Stefanie Sargnagel & Euroteuro: Dicht