14:00 - 15:30 | 1 Festival Centre Heimatsaal | The Drama of Climate Crisis - Narratives for the Future


Free Admission
The world is in upheaval, and perhaps we need new forms of storytelling to be able to describe the changes we are undergoing and the world’s potentiality for change. Ten authors from different countries around the world who represent a European and a global writing project will be present in Graz and discuss writing about the crisis while being in the midst of it.

Every other year, 50 writers from all over the world are invited by the Climate Change Theatre Action to write short plays about the climate. In its production “Once Upon Tomorrow”, Schauspielhaus Graz staged some of these plays. Elena Eli Belyea (Canada), Nathan Ellis (Great Britain), Angela Emurwon (Uganda), Himali Kothari (India) and Camila Le-bert (Chile) will discuss global perspectives of a Green New Deal with the audience.
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Once upon Tomorrow
Lex Karelly