17:00 - 18:30 | 1 Festival Centre Heimatsaal | Welt-Zeit 1 | free entry, counting tickets | Opening

Welt-Zeit I

free entry, counting tickets
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Our globalized world is a nomadic one; with the disintegration of traditional securities and affiliations, the migrant has become the leading figure of a mobile society. A diverse mix of cultures blurs the distinctions between periphery and center. In recent years, dramas, novels, and poems from different regions of the world have found their way into our publishing houses, bookstores, and libraries. Book prize winners no longer come from the Western hemisphere, stories of migrant fellow citizens are becoming school literature, plays report on a life in transit, on the run. In order to trace this, the festival begins and ends with readings and talks by important authors from at least two worlds.

Welt-Zeit 1 | 8.6. um 17.00 Uhr
Concept & Direction Eva-Maria Voigtländer
Text Nava Ebrahimi
Read by Philipp Hauß, Markus Meyer
Violin Avanaz Hassani