16:00 - 17:30 | 1 Festival Centre Heimatsaal | The Drama of Climate Crisis - Narratives for the Future


Free Admission
The world is in upheaval, and perhaps we need new forms of storytelling to be able to describe the changes we are undergoing and the world’s potentiality for change. Ten authors from different countries around the world who represent a European and a global writing project will be present in Graz and discuss writing about the crisis while being in the midst of it.

Along the European oil and gas pipelines, Elsa Demo (Albania), Alex Lorette (Belgium), Magdalena Schrefel (Austria), Simone Spiteri (Malta) and Ian de Toffoli (Luxembourg) have developed plays about the drama surrounding fossil fuel. Now they are coming together again to present their plays as well as the producing theaters and to discuss narrative strategies for a burning issue with the public.
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Festival of the New European Bauhaus
Festival of the New European Bauhaus