16:30 - 18:10 | 2 Schauspielhaus Graz HAUS ZWEI | BASED ON THE NOVEL „IDENTITTI“ BY MITHU SANYAL

Identitti Rezeptionista

A production of Schauspielhaus Graz
€ 19,50 / € 9,75 (reduced)
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Nivedita cannot believe it: her professor Saraswati is white! Yet Nivedita, a student of Postcolonial Studies, had found in Saraswati a great role model that she could identify with. Under the heading “Decolonize your Soul, Saraswati’s seminars led discussions on the origins and handling of identity struggles and opened up a new world for Nivedita. And now Saraswati's career is supposed to be built on a big lie? Thus a complex and highly emotional debate erupts: Nivedita blogs under the pseudonym "Identitti" and engages in intense arguments with her professor, while her friends organize demonstrations against an incredible case of cultural appropriation. Saraswati, on the other hand, turns the arguments to the point that soon, no one knows what Person of Color really means.

Mithu Sanyal's 2021 novel Identitti asked who can speak for whom and discussed the potentials and limits of current debates surrounding identity. Identitti Rezeptionista connects the story of the novel with questions that arose during its theatrical adaptation and explores the political questions surrounding the material.

Director Simone Dede Ayivi
With Vernesa Berbo, Iman Tekle, Chen Emilie Yan, Katrija Lehmann, Alexej Lochmann
Stage Lani Tran-Duc
Costumes Mariama Sow
Sound & Music Katharina Pelosi
Dramaturgy Hannah Mey

in German