19:30 - 21:00 | 2 Schauspielhaus Graz HAUS DREI | A SPOKEN THEATER BY RAPHAELA BARDUTZKY

Fischer Fritz

Austrian premiere, Schauspielhaus Graz
€ 11,50 / € 8,50 (reduced)
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After a stroke, Fritz, a third-generation fisherman, requires constant care. His son Franz has no desire to continue the family tradition and runs a successful chain of hair salons in the big city. Uljana, a young caregiver from Eastern Europe who has made her way to the West with other women, takes over the responsibility and looks after the pensioner. In the little free time she has, she only has music to listen to and chats with Borys, the bus driver who brought her to this place and will (she hopes) take her away one day.

In Fischer Fritz Raphaela Bardutzky tells a touching story about three lives in our present that are connected by the topic of the healthcare crisis caused by a shortage of caregivers. Fischer Fritz is not only a spoken theater but also a language theater, in which opposites such as home and foreign, country life and big city, different languages, dialects and different forms of communication meet. For the Austrian premiere, the artistic team moved the setting of the play to Styria and collaborated with a Ukrainian actress for the role of Uljana.

Winner of Autor:innentheatertage 2022 at Deutsches Theater Berlin.

In German and Ukrainian