19:00 - 21:30 | 2 Schauspielhaus Graz LANDESDRUCKEREI | VIRTUAL REALITY FILM


Director & Writer Kurdwin Ayub | A production of Schauspielhaus Graz
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While you sit in a "cave" with VR goggles on your nose and 3D headphones on your ears, you will experience mom (Maresi Riegner) and dad (Valentin Postlmayr) taking care of you. They are many things: artists, hipsters, and millennials, but they are not happy.

In the modern world, women don't always have to sacrifice their lives and dreams for a child. In Wonderland, it is the dad whose career takes a break because he's at home taking care of the child while mom is out being successful. The child comes first, and his dreams are secondary. Quarrels are inevitable. A storm rages outside, and things aren't much more peaceful in the apartment. Love and anger alternate until everything culminates in a nightmare. In the end, mom and dad stay together. Just as many parents stay together for far too long.

Schauspielhaus Graz's new virtual reality film Wunderland, written and directed by Kurdwin Ayub, premiered at Diagonale'23. In the film, Kurdwin Ayub takes us back to our childhood by showing everyday life through the eyes of a young girl.

Director & Writer Kurdwin Ayub
Performers: Maresi Riegner, Valentin Postlmayr, Katharina Farnleitner, Hannah and Clara Farnleitner
Casting Ulrike Putzer
Camera & Editing Markus Zizenbacher
Set sound & sound design, 3D mix Elisabeth Frauscher
Production Design Julia Libiseller
Costume Carola Pizziniproduction 
Production Management Claudia Joldes
Production Assistance Ivet Castelo Torres
Assistant Production Designer Christoph Pock
Illustrations Fabian Dankl
3D animations Johann Scholz
Set photographer Alessio Maximilian Schoder
Location Stefan Teuber
VR tent installation Philipp Glanzner
Dramaturgy Karla Mäder, Franziska Betz, Elisabeth Tropper

A production of Schauspielhaus Graz

Supported by Creative Europe Fund

in German

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