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Attempt to (not) write a play about the Nibelungs

Guest performance by the Nibelungen Festival Worms
€ 19,50 / € 10 (red.)
What does it mean to be an artist during the Corona crisis? In Marcus Peter Tesch's theatrical text, an author embarks on a quest for his own biography - and thus also on a humorous (linguistic) journey from the big city in East Germany back to the province.
In the process, the text develops more and more Nibelungen motifs. And finally ends with the question, who actually takes responsibility for whom in a time of social isolation and individual lifestyle.

"Someone is writing who playfully deals with a Worms heritage, which over the centuries has been by tons of pathos rings and the indigestible ballast of a folkish Nibelungelei".
Jürgen Berger / Excerpt from the laudation
Text: Marcus Peter Tesch
Direction & dramaturgy: Oliver D. Endreß
Stage & Costume: Lilith-Marie Cremer
With: Julian Keck, Loris Kubeng, Laura Lippmann
World premiere as part of the Nibelungen Festival Worms

Winner of the playwright competition of the Nibelungen Festival Worms 2021

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