20:30 - 21:30 | 3 Theater am Lend

Kids - a dramatic animation on the edge if the millennium

World premiere, DRAMA FORUM by uniT
€ 19,50 / € 10 (red.)
The 1990s were a decade of great upheaval. Ideologies and empires, full of promises for the eternity, fell apart. People lost homes and frames of reference. In the midst of chaos, young people created their own worlds.
All this has left traces in magazines and films, in music lyrics and photos and, of course, first and foremost in their bodies. But what about all that has left no traces? Or at least no visible ones? Or those that have been overlooked? And why is that? What reasons are there that some traces survive in the consciousness of the world to come, and some are gradually disappear?
KIDS animates lost traces with the means of drama and video art. Katharina Jabs and Pedro Martins Beja develop a space of DRAMATIC ANIMATION. The dialogue between dramatic art and video art ignites a power and friction surface for a contemporary and poetic negotiation of the traces of KIDS.
Performer: Emily Kreuzer, Ennio Resnik, Micha Kaplan, Pedro Martins Beja
Text: Pedro Martins Beja
Video & Animation: Katharina Jabs
Music: Micha Kaplan
Light- & Sounddesign: Ronny Priesching
Production: DRAMA FORUM von uniT