Lonely Ants Amnesia

NATASCHA GANGL, RDECA RAKETA & NIKOLAOS ZACHARIADIS / A sound comic, freely adapted from Anestis Logothetis
€ 19,50 / € 10 (reduced) / group (min. 6 persons) € 5
From sketch to word-sound-picture composition from logical thinking to logothetic thinking: 1971 to 1975, composer and avant-garde artist Anestis Logothetis produced a series of score fragments, whose central motifs are insects. Logothetis' associative language games and fantastic sketch sheets with quotations from biology, cybernetics and Greek mythology, inspire the artists to write five etudes. In the process, they gradually reveal Logothetis's aesthetic principles, at the same time continuing them in this way and create a sound comic around the question "Is the earth boiling or not?”

Live, the sketch sheets become the atmospheric-visual element of the performance, find their own abstract form and perform themselves.
Text, Stimme, Sampler: Natascha Gangl
Stimme, Live-Sampling, DJ-CD Players & other electronic devices: Maja Osojnik 
Komposition, Stimme, Modular Synthesizer, Computer: Matija Schellander
Visuals, Projektion: Nikolaos Zachariadis
Autor:innenproduktion im Auftrag von ORF Kunstradio & Wien Modern 2021, mit freundlicher Unterstützung von SKE Fonds, BMKOES, Festival TOOLS und der Stiftung Dietrich und Christel Kittner.
Guest performance