At the harbour with bird

Sand-Production in cooperation with the Jungle Vienna
€ 19,50 / € 10 (erm.)
My name is Nanina and it flies, it flies, it flies...
Nanina is flying. For the first time. And now she has a passport. She has to take good care of it, it mustn't be crushed... and she should "hold it more carefully", says her dad. Together they want to visit Nanina's grandmother, who smells of cinnamon and wild garlic, across seven or eight or nine countries. But at the airport, however, they have to wait in the so-called transit zone, or danzzitrone, or dransidone or Hans Melon or goose with no goose? Who knows!
In any case, this is where Nanina meets Dodo. She introduces herself as a cosmopolitan or cosmic pilot and, unlike Nanina, has no passport. Dodo has been certified unfit to fly and now she is stuck. In this place of transit, that borders all countries and yet borders no none. But Dodo has a dream: as Kapitanska Dodo she flies with air and love and, without any gasoline at all, to an altitude of 11 kilometres. Throws a shower of passports onto the earth and blurs the flags and borders. The world becomes one.
Author: Anah Filou
Director: Sandra Schüddekopf
Stage, projections: Vanessa Eder-Messutat
Costumes: Verena Geier
Assistant director: Hannah Zauner
Performing: Naemi Latzer, Anna Morawetz, Alexander Braunshör
Performance rights: rua. Cooperative for text and direction, Berlin
by Sand-Production in cooperation with Dschungel Wien
for young audience at the age of 7