Perle Dopler Kleist

Let drama be
Every theatre text is poetry and it gets lost on the way to the stage.
Variété number 15, after 10 p.m.
A young American woman appears. As ladies are dressed for a dinner. Not different. Anti-Variété. She sings and moves like children in a nursery. So inwardly ruthless against the audience. Her manner is princely. Princely. "I am who I am, nothing more!" The director feels: there is no success with her.
In any case, the audience is not yet mature. Perhaps in 50 years... for the time being, they want the frippery.
This is an abridged version of the text by Peter Altenberg.
Together we read contemporary and non-contemporary drama and explore its poetry. What does text actually have to do with theatre? What is actually spoken theatre?
A reading forum with Sophia Barthelmes and Peter Waterhouse and as co-readers: Naemi Latzer