14:00 - 15:00 | 7 Coworking zu Geidorf


A scenic reading
€ 8 / € 5 (red.)
A data highway through the ocean. A cable repair ship. The digital rubbish dump is growing. The data lives in data centers, is hand-freshened in California, in India too, digital colonialism is also flourishing, and looks into our windows via Maps. Welcome to the zettabyte age! Welcome to the age of dataism! The transparent human being lays fibre optics and his passwords, moves into smart show houses, measures himself and his body, wears wearables, confesses online, talks to the dead, calls data rescue, is structured and categorized and sometimes simply sorted out. Data shadows everywhere. Only rarely data silence. The internet never forgets. The right to be forgotten has to be fought hard. No one dies so easily digital death.

Taktzittern is a comprehensive project on the topic of data, a work in progress. The staged reading as part of the Dramatiker|innenfestival provides a first insight.
By and with: Johannes Hoffmann, Anna Morawetz