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Intiamcy of Strangers

An immersive audio and video installation
In "Intimacy of Strangers" you are part of the picture. The canvas is a fluid landscape between reality and (science) fiction that is transformed by your presence. In the terrain you are in, you will encounter objects that look like stones but feel like bodies. They will speak to you if you dare to put your ear to them and meet our non-human and non-organic allies in an ever-present intimacy. And soon you will realize that they are in a merry-go-round that spirals upwards in slow motion into the future.

22. June: 14 - 20
23. June: 14 - 19
24. June: 17 - 22
Text and installation: Lisa Horvath
Audio direction and sound: Victoria Fux
Sounddesign: Philipp Streicher
Speakers: Nadja Brachvogel, Martin Brachvogel, Julia Gräfner, Vera Hagemann
Production: DRAMA FORUM by uniT