15:00 - 16:30 | 4 Vorklinik

Writers in Climate (Crisis)

Climate change and its dystopian consequences also occupy literature. But we want to think positively about the future and write for what, if not for a change for the better?
In cooperation with "Tint Journal" and "wir sind lesenswert" (we are worth reading), texts have been produced that create utopias and defy pessimism. They will be presented to the city's residents and festival visitors as part of a climate walk.
Concept: Lisa Schantl, Lisa Höllebauer
Texts: Cassey Abella, Hannah Bönisch, Bianca Cosar, Norbert Donnerstag, Andrea Färber, Lisa Fuchs, Leonie Groihofer, Margit Marenich, Chiara Meitz, Christoph Palmetshofer
in German and English