Drama Slam

Call for submissions
€ 8 / € 5 (red.)
DRaMa SLaM, the legendary short drama format from Vitamins Of Society, will be a guest at the Graz Dramatiker:innen Festival in 2023 and all interested authors are hereby called upon to submit their scenic texts by 11 June 2023 23:59 at einreichung@uni-t.org.
For the Drama Slam, poets will write dialogue texts, short dramas, which will be performed prima vista or sight-read by professional actors.
The audience judges the content, quality and playability of the texts in a grassroots democracy and thus decides on the winner of the evening.
The next Drama Slam will take place on 22 June 2023 at Graz Dramatiker:innen Festival. There will be 2 actresses and 2 actors.
We are looking for texts with a length of up to 10,000 characters, which are clearly written for several people and divided accordingly.
Authors are requested to take the special situation of prima vista reading into consideration and to submit their texts in an appropriately clear format by 11 June 2023 in electronic form (font size 14/ *.doc/ *.odt) with the subject DRAMA SLAM Dramatiker:innen Festival, to the following address: einreichung@uni-t.org
Please also give your characters names, as it is difficult to distinguish A: B: or 1: 2: when speed reading.
A team from the fields of literary studies, theatre and journalism will pre-select the texts, as only up to 7 texts per drama slam will be performed.
On the evening itself, the authors will each have two minutes to distribute the roles and give stage directions. After that, the texts have 10 minutes to unfold through the performance of two actors and two actresses.
The winners will receive their first public reading by experienced theatre actors, as well as endless fame and prizes.
You can find more information about past Drama Slams all over Europe at www.dramaslam.eu.
Concept: Jimi Lend