19:30 - 20:30 | 4 Dom im Berg


By Freundliche Mitte – Gerhild Steinbuch, Philine Rinnert, Sebastian Straub and others (Austria / Germany)
€ 17,50 / € 9 (red.)
Am I still in a protective space or already a member of the pleasure club? Have I become used to consuming terrible news as a normal part of the early evening programme? Can my hatred of “everything out there” even get me ahead, when I’m not busy partying? BERGEINS looks at right-wing rhetoric and calls to actively form gangs in the face of how normal right-wing extremism has become. It’s a critical look at ourselves, an argument against withdrawal and resignation: to make sure that what follows is different from what has always been.

By Katharina Bach, Johannes Bellermann, Bernhard Fleischmann, Pia Derler, Simon Dietersdorfer, Lucas Gruber, Philine Rinnert, Dario Stefanek, Gerhild Steinbuch, Sebastian Straub and Mechthild Weber

A coproduction of Freundliche Mitte with brut Wien and DRAMA FORUM of uniT

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