By George Brant (USA) | German translation by Henning Bochert
€ 10,50 / € 8,50 (red.)
From one day to the next, a proud fighter pilot with a passion for states of emergency has become a wife and mother – relegated to a desk as a drone operator. From now on, she wages war with a camera, screen and joystick. This poetic monologue illustrates the inner contradictions of a woman torn between military ambition and love for her family. It is the highly focused description of a god-like, de-personalised machinery of orders and destruction that has fundamentally changed global warfare.

Directed by Franz-Xaver Mayr
Stage and costumes Korbinian Schmidt
Music Levent Pinarci
Dramaturgy Karla Mäder
With Evamaria Salcher

Post-show with the production team | Moderator: Friederike Emmerling (S. Fischer Theaterverlag)