21:30 - 22:30 | 3

Hausbruch. Ein Fragment

A project by Natascha Gangl and Ivna Žic (Austria / Switzerland)
Does a house only acquire value once it is possible to break into it? In a zoology of possible breank-ins, Natascha Gangl’s text outlines the parallels that guide our thinking when we talk of what’s ours, of our property: Burglars break into a house, a virus breaks into our body, bodies break into a country. Two women are negotiating a space and the fragments of an invasion, shards of glass, become building blocks: Are we burglars or are we guests? Are we inside or outside? Before or after the break-in? By two women for two women in one house.  

Text and dramaturgy Natascha Gangl
Directed by Ivna Žic
With Franziska Dick, Vivianne Mösli Stage Martina Mahlknecht
Costumes and masks Sophie Reble
Music and sound installation Matija Schellander
Theater am Lend in cooperation with Rotorhaus and Brankard Verein

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