By David Van Reybrouck (Belgium)
€ 17,5 / € 9 (red.)
On a visit to his home in Europe, the Belgian Roman-Catholic priest Father André gives a lecture about the country where he has been living and working as a missionary for decades: the Congo. This impressively performed monologue (in German) is a great, harrowing evening of theatre. He talks about his vocation and his doubts, about Africa’s suffering and Europe’s arrogance, the horrors of war, of humanity and the role of God. The text is based on documentary material about the “forgotten heroes”, the missionaries in the Congo.

Directed by Raven Ruëll
Technical management Lieven Symaeys, Donald Berlanger Design Leo de Nijs
Lighting design Johan Vonk
Dramaturgy Ivo Kuyl
With Bruno Vanden Broecke

Guest performance of Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (KVS) Brussels

Post-show talk with the actor on Th 7.6. | Moderator: Martin Baasch (Dramaturg)

Further Dates

19:30 - 21:30 | 1 Schauspielhaus Graz HAUS EINS