A city and research project by Clemens Bechtel
The 3rd part of “Graz and Human Rights” will once again take us away from the centre, to the fringes of the city and of society – to derelict industrial plants, newly planted herb gardens, into narrow basement rooms. To places where people are re-thinking things and an alternative society is manifesting itself. We meet communities that live in hiding, following their own laws and trying to establish their own state and a new set of “human rights”: from an eco-commune via the Anastasia-village to conservative student fraternities and radical cults.

Directed by Clemens Bechtel
Stage and costumes Carlotta Bonura
Music Jan Christoph Godde
Dramaturgy Jennifer Weiss
With Fredrik Jan Hofmann, Mathias Lodd, Sarah Sophia Meyer, Raphael Muff, Silvana Veit, Susanne Konstanze Weber

Meeting point tram station Alte Poststraße at 18:30 | Driving directions available in the ticket center | Follow-up with participants of the production after the performance