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The State

By Alexander Manuiloff (Bulgaria) | German translation by Hannes Becker
€ 17,50 / € 9 (red.)
The year 2013: Angry protests in Bulgaria. On 20 February, 36-year-old Plamen Goranov sets himself on fire outside the regional government building in Varna. His self-immolation is the starting point of this text, which makes do entirely without actors or staging. Instead, the author uses the theatrical situation to explore the theatre as a democratic venue. The audience determines the course of the performance and gets actively involved in this game of values and democracy, thus addressing the question of how we want to live in the future.

Staging Sandra Schüddekopf

DRAMA FORUM of uniT in cooperation with Eurodram

Follow-up with the author after the performance Moderation: Ulrike Syha (coordination Eurodram)