20:30 - 22:00 | 3 | Guest performance by Voss, Belgium

Enters / exits

by Nico Boon
In 2002 Nico Boon found an album of photographs at a jumble sale. A woman covers her murdered children. A North Korean soldier holds the hacked-off head of an enemy soldier high in the air. These unforgettable pictures were taken by war photographer Margaret Bourke-White and in “Comes On / Goes Off”, along with the photographer’s life story, they are at the centre of a collage in which parallel lives come together and find a place for themselves, from Che Guevara to the author himself. All stories tell us something about mortality, human lives and the beginning or ending of stories.

Nico Boon (*1978) is a writer, theatre producer, actor and thinker in productions created by himself or by others. His script “Comes On / Goes Off” was nominated for the Playwright’s Prize 2019.

In Dutch (with German and English surtitles)
Concept & Acting Nico Boon
Final Direction & Coaching Willem de Wolf
Dramaturgy Roos Euwe Produktion | Production Voss, C-TAKT, Brakke Grond
With the support of the Flemish government

Rana Van Pellecom

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