20:00 - 21:45 | 7 Next Liberty | Guest performance of Schauspielhaus Wien in cooperation with Theater am Lend, Österreich; Theaterallianz


by Miroslava Svolikova
Notions and conceptions of the fringe are of deep-seated tradition. Miroslava Svolikova develops these further combining archetypal, mythological references with pop phenomena like action movies and iconic characters like Mickey Mouse or the last unicorn. Also Tetris tiles appear to muse on their fate. Virtuosically, Svolikova connects narrative topoi and fragments of fiction. “Fringe” outlines a ludicrous and grim world with bulging fringes which an ever astonished Middle keeps oozing out of. Characters are astray like outcasts from the centre of a polarised world, of tense and twitchy times. Horror and hope find a home here

Miroslava Svolikova (*1986) received the Retzhofer Dramapreis in 2015 for her first play „Die Hockenden“ and has since been awarded numerous prizes and literary scholarships for subsequent plays.

In German

Director Tomas Schweigen
With Vera von Gunten, Jesse Inman, Sophia Löffler, Sebastian Schindegger, Til Schindler
Set Stephan Weber
Costumes Giovanna Bolliger
Music Dominik Mayr
Camera Steven Heyse
Editing Dominic Kubisch
Dramaturgy Anna Hirschmann, Lucie Ortmann
Lighting Oliver Mathias Kratochwill
Sound Benjamin Bauer
Assistant Director Johanna Mitulla 
Matthias Heschl