Reading drama

This project's starting point was the caesura caused by the first Corona lockdown. We were thrown on our own resources with theatres closed and rehearsals deferred for the time being: the theatre in an artificial coma. Eventually, some had a hunch and took the compulsory time-out as an opportunity to recapitulate what had happened in the last couple of years: Where does today's dramatic art stand? Perhaps also to draw conclusions as to how to continue. This resulted in an ongoing dialogue between playwrights and academics and hence in discussions about the relationship between text and theatre, writers and readers. How can drama be talked about? What kind of analytical tools are required? Perhaps the theatre text is a school of dialogical thinking.

In German

If you are interested please contact: dramatikerinnenfestival@uni-t.org

Writers Natascha Gangl, Wolfram Lotz, Thomas Köck, Ferdinand Schmalz, Gerhild Steinbuch, Miroslava Svolikova, Ivna Žic
Discussion Partners Karin Cerny, Teresa Kovacs, Christoph Leibold, Sascha Michel, Alexandra Millner, Katrin Pahl
Conduit Edith Draxl, Ferdinand Schmalz, Eva-Maria Voigtländer

Further Dates

11:00 - 17:00 | 2 Festival Centre Heimatsaal