Female Artists go to the Theatre and talk about it

Recently, theatre has come under criticism time and again. And rightly so, as women are confronted with structures that repeatedly put them at a disadvantage. A study by the European Theatre Convention (ETC Diversity Study: Gender Equality and Diversity in European Theatres), published in March 2021, shows that 68 percent of artistic directors are men, and that up to 90 percent of the texts of the playbills are written by men. There are more male roles in theatre texts than female roles. Furthermore, men earn more, and women are mainly employed in lower-paid departments (e.g. make-up or props). Reason enough to get to the bottom of this. The festival invites women artists to critically accompany it. Women writers and other artists go to the theatre and talk about it. They tell us what they observe as women. They delineate the subjects that are dealt with, they talk about the roles in the featured plays, about gender images, about what is implicitly negotiated in the works and texts. Moreover, they also examine the social structures of the festival in relation to gender: what’s the gender ratio concerning directing positions, playwrights and actors? Do male positions form the majority, or is it the other way round? Who does what at this festival? Results and reflections are part of an ongoing exchange and will be shared with festival visitors.

Registration at: dramatikerinnenfestival@uni-t.org