17:00 - 18:30 | Hotel Wiesler

The earth dies streaming?

A Talk with Film and Theatre Experts
“The Earth Dies Streaming” – in 2018, the New York film critic A.S. Hamrah could not have imagined how eerily contemporary the title of his essays on film and cinema in the digital age would seem today. His assumption that how films are seen is significant for what is seen can be expanded: due to Covid-19, the performative arts, alongside cinema, have also increasingly shifted into the digital space. This shines a new light on questions of inter- and transmediality and the fascination with the transfer of (cultural) techniques from film to theatre (and vice versa) is being updated. Do we run the risk of prematurely sacrificing what theatre and cinema have long been about? Where are the potentials, where are truly “new” forms emerging?

with Jan-Christoph Gockel (theatre and film director), Pierre- Emmanuel Finzi (cinema operator and film distributor), Nele Stuhler (theatre maker and author)
Presentation Kira Kirsch (artistic and managing director brut Wien)

In cooperation with Diagonale