19:00 - 20:30 | 1 Festival Platform (digital) | in German | Österreichische Erstaufführung, Schauspielhaus Graz

dritte republik (eine vermessung)

by Thomas Köck
€ 10 (single ticket) / € 18 (family ticket) / € 39 (supporter's ticket)
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A land surveyor boards a “mail train” in Vienna; her assignment is a re-measurement of the borders. Once she has reached the final stop, she wanders through a snow storm with a huge suitcase full of precision surveying tools and meets a coachman with no coach. Together, they come across all sorts of whimsical, clueless, lost characters, but their search for the border remains futile.

Thomas Köck’s plays have been translated into several languages and received numerous awards, such as the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis in 2018. As a member of the authors’ group “Nazis und Goldmund”, he reflects critically on the developments and actions of the European right and their international alliances.

In German
Direction Anita Vulesica
With Frieder Langenberger, Katrija Lehmann, Evamaria Salcher, Werner Strenger, Lukas Walcher
Choir (Video) Gregor Aistleitner, Judith Aichhorn, Menna Alkazemi, Clara-Luise Bauer, Rebekka Biener, Martin Peñaloza Cecconi, Valentina Daum, Johannes Ettinger, Stephanie Fournier, Alexander Gerlini, Marie Hammerl, Levin Hofmann, Hannah Höfler, Balasz Illyes (Ton), Yasmin Mowafek, Izabella Radi, Georg Santner
Set & Costumes Anna Brandstätter
Choreography Mirjam Klebel
Video Frank Holldack
Music Bernhard Neumaier
Light Design Thomas Trummer
Dramaturgy Jennifer Weiss
Lex Karelly