17:00 - 18:30 | 5 Freiheitsplatz


The opening of a polyphonic installation about TOMORROW marks the beginning of the festival. A large number of writers involved in the festival are present, at least on camera or—depending on the current situation— also physically. They let us know what they think ABOUT TOMORROW, what they want from TOMORROW, what they fear or hope for. TOMORROW confronts us with tremendous tasks, it is all about changing the postcapitalist system, about neoliberalism, about the climate crisis, growing inequality, also about the pandemic and its consequences. Writers who have always had a special feel for the movements and stirrings of time share their thoughts with us. Their voices will accompany us through the week. The installation is open for visitors at Freiheitsplatz between 10 am and 10 pm, starting on Tuesday 8th June at 5 pm. If possible, there will be a short joint opening on that day at 5 pm.
Wolfgang Rappel

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5 Freiheitsplatz