18:00 - 19:25 | 8 Schauspielhaus Graz HAUS ZWEI | in German with English surtitles | Uraufführung, Schauspielhaus Graz

Flüstern in stehenden Zügen

by Clemens J. Setz
Performance: € 18 / € 9 (red.) | stream: € 10 / € 18 / € 39
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C is alone, not only physically but emotionally, too. Apparently, his only way of making contact with the outside world is via the phone. But whom should you call when you have no one? Well, what could be more uplifting than a phone conversation with a dubious customer service hotline? Or how about finally getting back at the senders of all those annoying spam mails and calling them all around the world? Clemens J. Setz is a master of oddities, of mysterious magical realism. In this play, he explores a peculiar facet of globalisation – the concept of scamming via e-mail and telephone – and creates an equally mournful and humorous portrait of a person living in isolation.

Translator and author Clemens J. Setz lives and works in Vienna. Several works of this award-winning playwright have already been presented at Schauspielhaus Graz, most recently the world premiere of his play “Erinnya”, directed by Claudia Bossard.

Im Rahmen von Graz Kulturjahr 2020.

In German (with English surtitles)
Direction Anja Michaela Wohlfahrt
With Raphael Muff, Evamaria Salcher, Franz Solar
Set & Costumes Teresa Joham
Composition & Live Music Grilli Pollheimer
Dramaturgy Daniel Grünauer
Lex Karelly

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