14:00 - 16:00 | 2 Festival Centre Heimatsaal | Cooperation Theater im Bahnhof and Schauspielhaus Graz


Free Admission
We would like to have a conversation where no one is expected to know how to save the world. The pandemic forced us to sit around in the waiting room for more than a year, but now it’s time to venture out to look into the future. In a spirit of optimism, we will imagine
utopian realities with no need to explain ourselves. We would like to take a peek into the cards of our interview partners: How do they work, how have their working methods changed over the past year, how do they imagine their future, what do they wish for, what will their lives be like in 20 years, what will their theatre look like? Which topics will we still be dealing with and which will we have hopefully overcome? We will take the time to talk and ask questions without any pressure to produce results. But maybe we will end up so inspired that everyone will go on to make even better art.
In German
Moderation Pia Hierzegger
With Simone Dede Ayivi, Nava Ebrahimi, Lydia Haider
Im Rahmen von Graz Kulturjahr 2020.