14:00 - 16:00 | 5 Freiheitsplatz | Meeting point: Freiheitsplatz | Cooperation DRAMA FORUM by uniT and Schauspielhaus Graz

future drama

10 Short Plays on the Road to Beyond Tomorrow - A Parcours through Graz
10 authors will write short theatre texts about what they consider relevant when they think about the future. In dystopian and utopian scenarios, they will voice their predictions, fears and hopes. Artists will translate these texts into staged readings to be performed in public spaces throughout the city.
In German

Bruno Brandes, Anna Carlier, Anah Filou, Florian Fischer, Eleonore Khuen-Belasi, Barbi Markovi?, Pedro Martins Beja, Ian de Toffoli, Tena Štivicic, Maria Ursprung

Im Rahmen von Graz Kulturjahr 2020.
Artists' talk after the event with all authors