18:30 - 19:40 | 1 Festival Platform (digital) | in Dutch (with English subtitles) | Guest performance of De Toneelmakerij (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


by Jibbe Willems
There’s a girl in a police cell, and she’s angry. She’s 16, and she’s smart. She didn’t even do much wrong, really, she reckons. All she did was throw a pie in a politician’s face. But then they pinned her down on the ground, arrested her and locked her up. But she’s already got enough reasons to be angry: her parents have been divorcing for the last year, she’s debt-relief poor, and every time she tries to form an opinion, she’s cut short again by her psychologists, teachers or classmates. “Age of Rage” is about a combative girl who’s trying all she can to move forward, but she keeps on getting dragged down. She wants to be heard, but nobody’s listening.

Playwright Jibbe Willems likes to investigate form and function of language for different audiences which are sometimes young and sometimes a bit older. His plays have been nominated and awarded on various occasions.

The production Age of Rage has been developed as part of the European Theatre Conventions’ (ETC) project Young Europe III. The ETC’s artistic collaboration project Young Europe III focuses on theatre as a place of identification for young people in Europe. From 2017-2021, nine ETC Member Theatres developed seven new theatre texts and nine original research-based productions on the topics of identity, rage, democracy and climate change. Young Europe III is part of the ETC programme “ENGAGE – Empowering today’s audience through challenging theatre” and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
 For the first time, the DRAMA|TIK|ER|INNEN|FEST|IVAL will integrate the Young Europe Festival, which means that there will be theatre plays and additional events for young audiences online. The international online Young Europe Festival marks the finale of a European cooperation project under the patronage of the European Theatre Convention, which united nine ETC member theatres over a period of two years. Young people from Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary were asked about their thoughts on democracy, identity and anger. The new texts and plays that resulted from this research will be presented as part of the Young Europe Festival. What are the (utopian or dystopian) views that young people have of the world? Which topics, goals and messages are relevant to them? Young people from Austria and the countries participating in the ETC cooperation project will visit the online performances together with their school classes and virtually exchange views and ideas, taking part in internationally organised workshops. Some of the young people's impressions will be shown virtually in the Festival Centre. 

Ages 14+
In Dutch (with English subtitles)
Direction Wieke ten Cate
With Frieda Barnhard, Teunie de Brouwer, Belinda van der Stoep, Chiem Vreeken
Dramaturgy Paulien Geerlings
Set & Costumes Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck
Music Rik Elstgeest (Touki Delphine)
Sanne Peper