16:00 - 17:30 | 1 Festival Platform (digital) | in English


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For our Table Talks, the Young Europe authors and dramaturgs will get together to talk about their approaches and working processes.
As part of Young Europe III, three artistic teams joined together to explore the views of teenagers across Europe and to learn what occupies the minds of the young generation today, to identify major topics for new research-based theatre:
DEMOCRISIS: What would we lose if we put our democracy at risk?
RAGE: What makes young people angry?
IDENTITY: How do young people think about identity, and what vision do they have of the future?
 For the first time, the DRAMA|TIK|ER|INNEN|FEST|IVAL will integrate the Young Europe Festival, which means that there will be theatre plays and additional events for young audiences online. The international online Young Europe Festival marks the finale of a European cooperation project under the patronage of the European Theatre Convention, which united nine ETC member theatres over a period of two years. Young people from Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary were asked about their thoughts on democracy, identity and anger. The new texts and plays that resulted from this research will be presented as part of the Young Europe Festival. What are the (utopian or dystopian) views that young people have of the world? Which topics, goals and messages are relevant to them? Young people from Austria and the countries participating in the ETC cooperation project will visit the online performances together with their school classes and virtually exchange views and ideas, taking part in internationally organised workshops. Some of the young people's impressions will be shown virtually in the Festival Centre. 
In English
For (Inter)national colleagues and the interested audience
With All Young Europe Authors and Dramaturgs
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