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Eichmann Project – Terminal 1

by Lilach Dekel-Avneri and the Pathos-Mathos Company
In 2020, you went to the theatre by opening up your laptop, placed alone in front of a screen undisturbed by your neighbour's coughing but perhaps distracted by the noise of children playing. The view of the stage was not your own, it was mediated by cameras. We respond to this situation with a series of filmed performances, each of them reacting specifically to this new way of viewing theatre. Each screening is followed by a discussion that explores the interface of theatre and film.

Eichmann Project – Terminal 1
60 years after David Ben-Gurion’s dramatic announcement of Adolf Eichmann’s capture, the Pathos-Mathos Company revisits one of the seminal events in the history of Israel – the Eichmann trial. The Eichmann Project – Terminal 1 is a multidisciplinary stage event – a ritual of reenactment for camera, invoking the voices that resonated in 1961 at Beit Ha’am (now the Gerard Behar Center) in Jerusalem, and returning to the public storm that followed the trial.
Through the trial, Pathos-Mathos examines the upheavals of the current time of systematic collapse, reminding us of Hannah Arendt’s warning about the dangers of obedience without criticism or thought, which today seem more relevant than ever.
The audience is invited to settle into the role of the witness, delve into the various narratives that came up in the trial, trace the mechanisms of theater, which were shaken following the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and search together for a safe haven during this tumultuous time. The trial and the personal stories will bring to the fore the profound questions concerning the conditions that facilitate a certain (social and cultural) reality and how we can resist them.

Hebrew with English subtitles
Duration: 80 min. 
Article in The Jerusalem Post



There will be an online discussion with the director on 11th June, 22:15.

Directed by: Lilach Dekel-Avneri
Performed by: Efrat Arnon, Michal Weinberg, Keren Katz, Daniel Sapir, Reut Shaibe, Doron Gallia-Kind.
Trailer editing + Main Camera: Sascha Engel.
Adaptation: Lilach Dekel-Avneri and the ensemble / Dramaturgy: Liat Fassberg / Lighting: Tamar Orr & Noa Elran / Space: Noa Elran / Costumes and accessories: Reut Shaibe / Dramaturgical consulting: Maya Arad Yasur / Accompanying Researcher: Avital Lahat / Third Eye: Meirav Ohayon / Co-creator of the tour and sound designer: Sharon Gabay / Creator and Radio Jockey: Dori Ben-Zeev / Original music and chorus composition : Daniel Sapir / Producer and Assistant Director: Doron Gallia-Kind / English translation: Liat Fassberg / Proofreading and subtitles: Capnsub. Terminal 1 premiered at The Israel Festival 2020, Jerusalem, with the support of Mifal Hapayis and the Foundation for Independent Artists.

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